Adhish Adhikari (info)


I am currently a class of 2018 computer science major at Earlham College, Richmond, IN.  I grew up in Kathmandu, Nepal. I finished my middle and high school at Budhanilkantha School in Kathmandu and soon after joined Earlham college for my undergraduate degree. I’m currently enrolled also as an Economics major and I do intend to finish both degrees if everything goes south. I work at the computer science applied group at Earlham. I am a part of green science applied groups since spring 2014. I’ve been a part of the solar charging station project. I have a general interest in programming and program solving. Apart from academics play variety of sports including (and not limited to) soccer, cricket, tennis, etc. I also enjoy cooking and playing chess. Growing up, I had a hobby of making origami (handicrafts) and portraits and I still make them whenever I can find plenty of free time.