Priscilla Coronado


I am Priscilla Coronado, a student at Earlham college majoring in Computer Science with an undecided minor. A little bit more about me: I have always liked computers- specifically building them or learning how they function which is funny since my initials are P.C. as in Personal Computer! Hahaha! But there’s no way my brain could calculate long and tiring equations like a computer can.

During my free time I like to learn Javascript and ReactJs along with CSS and HTML since I am interested in web development and design. I also read and write and draw – standard hobbies. Above all else though I do love to play video games and take things apart like pens or my computer (which is dangerous -always) and browse Reddit for the newest hottest piece of hardware.

I hope that this group will accelerate my growth in CS and build lots of cool energy efficient things!