Energy War Monitoring System

Energy Wars Project aims at reduce energy consumption across campus. Every year, there is a competition among the campus dorms and among the campus houses. Who can reduce their energy usage the most over a two week period will be awarded for their significant contribute to reduce energy usage. Our system monitors the energy consumption for dorms and building, and display the real-time energy consumption for each dorm or building.

Energy Wars Facebook Page:


About the system

  • A sensor is deployed on each building in campus
  • Data are collected from these sensors every minutes, and send to our energy database
  • We could generate human readable report from the energy database for data analysis
  • A software was built to visualize the energy consumption for each building

We have a group of script files used for generating the report files

  • execute.bash: the main script file which calls other scripts
    • User could specify the start and end time for daily energy consumption data, start and end time for baseline data
    • The unprocessed data was stored in the ~/daily/tmp_data, and formatted data was copied to production folder for data visualization
    • It generate data files for buildings, houses on national road, and houses on college avenue. For each type of building, four bash files will be used to generate related data files. For example, for resident buildings, we have the following four bash files:
      • daily_regenerate.bash
      • baseline.bash
      • cumulative.bash
      • cumulative_baseline.bash